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About Colin

Colin Clary writes so many good songs that it’s getting a bit hard to keep track of.


Sometimes he is known as “The Charming Smitten” or “The Talking Smitten.” James Kochalka draws him with only one eye. He has naturally rosy cheeks and the softest hands in Burlington, Vermont. When he’s not busy writing and playing songs by himself he writes and plays in a bunch of other bands including The Smittens, Colin Clary & The Magogs, The Magic Is Gone, Let’s Whisper, My First Days on Junk, James Kochalka (acoustic) Superstar, The No Such Things, and The Part-Time Losers. He also wrote the mini-zine “I’m Not Action Johnny!” and is a mover and shaker in the Be Nice Revolution. His old bands were called Brian, Colin and Vince, Madelines, Severinsen, and The Four Color Manual. He put out a bunch of good records when he was running the Sudden Shame record label, too, though that seems like a long time ago.