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“We Are Cool Just Rolling”

The new album comes out May 13th from WeePOP! and it comes with all the words and chords on fun pages created by Rob Mackinder and is on fetching orange vinyl and has 15 tracks I don’t have any new shows lined up yet, but I have been rehearsing a band that we have been […]

Live and in person with a bunch of rock-n-roll Wizards!

I’m so looking forward to playing an awesome show this Friday night! And even more exciting, I’ve gotten some awesome friends to play with me this time around, too! Coming all the way from Boston will be Brad Searles (drums) and Brad San Martin (bass) – both of whom played on the new LP – […]

what the other side looks like

I have a hard time writing in new notebooks, too

Every Time it Snows – Colin Clary The Danger Studio Years