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Live and in person with a bunch of rock-n-roll Wizards!

3-14 RF Poster

I’m so looking forward to playing an awesome show this Friday night! And even more exciting, I’ve gotten some awesome friends to play with me this time around, too! Coming all the way from Boston will be Brad Searles (drums) and Brad San Martin (bass) – both of whom played on the new LP – and two awesome friends from Vermont – Jeff Baron (guitar) and Chris Ziter (keys) – which pretty much makes a gang of some of my favorite musicians and people!

A couple weekends ago, Jeff and I drove down to Boston for a practice with both Brads and it sounded great. And before that there was a practice in Williston with Chris and Jeff and Brad Searles and that sounded awesome, too! And once I practiced with just Jeff and Brad and that was pretty good. And a few times I’ve practiced with just Chris and Jeff and we impressed ourselves. And a bunch of times it is just me and Jeff, which is always a treat, too. But never once have we all been in the same room together!

So this will be our trial by fire! Flaming Wizard action all the way! Yow!

If you are anywhere near Montpelier, please do stop in as it will be a fantastic show. Rough Francis was kind enough to ask me to play with them and they are pretty much the most rockin’ and nicest bunch of rock-n-roll victims I can think of! You are guaranteed a good workout on the floor when they bring it with positive and intense and loud jam-kickin’ jams!

Atmosphere and tunes will also be flowing from one of my favorite local platter spinners, DJ Disco Phantom, all night long!

I believe me and my gang are hitting the stage around 10 p.m., so don’t dawdle!

Be there or you know, be somewhere else doing something else that is awesome. You know where I will be if you wanna hear my new songs played with some of my favorite folks to play with ever. I think. This is our first show.